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Young golf stars rise to the weather’s challenge

By Daniel Micevski


Rainy weather hasn’t deterred young talents from the ClubsNSW Academy Games as Maddie Trew and Lily Baker took on the first day of golf.

Maddie ,15 from Murwillumbah, and Lily, 14 from Port Macquarie, are both athletes in the North Coast Academy of Sport.


They took time out for a chat to our media team before they set off to practise for their first round of golf, braving intense winds and bone soaking, albeit patchy rain.


Both girls explained that their passion for the sport comes from family.

“I started playing in my pop’s backyard when I was little,” Lily described.

“My dad is the coach, so I really took to the opportunity to join the academy,” said Maddie of how she began playing.


Maddie, who has been playing competitively for three years, expressed her concern about the weather conditions, describing them as the worst she’d played in.

“It’s going to be tough and challenging, but I think I’ll manage,” she said.

Lily, the more experienced of the two having been playing for seven years, said: “I take it more seriously and my game is always better, always [when competing]. [The academy] really helped me see how seriously you need to train.”


Both players are passionate about their sport and maintain a busy training regime while still finding time on weekends to play recreationally, “I tend to play once a week, I go out and hit five balls on each hole, then have little competitions with my dad and match scenarios,” said Maddie.

“I usually, with the other juniors at my course, play 9 holes just to muck around, but I’m at the driving range a lot too,” Lily said.

Maddie has fond memories of playing with her father on the course, and described how it has been her dad who has been shaping her game and ensuring she is moving in the right direction. Both girls credit the Academy with improving every aspect of their game, especially about how to behave professionally before, during, and in between rounds.


The rain, thankfully, resided as they teed off but the wind was consistent and the downpour soon returned to challenge these rising stars as they took off on the first hole with their team


Watch Maddie Trew & Lily Baker talk about their passion for golf