Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated (RASi) is a unique
body representing the 11 Regional Academies of Sport
that operate across New South Wales.

Tired bodies but sunny outlook

The first day of hockey action for the 2014 ClubsNSW Academy Games saw high paced, competitive action in both the boys and the girls draw that was played out in less than desirable weather conditions.
The players battled on in chilly, windy and at times, rainy, conditions. But despite the unfortunate weather, all Academies competed strongly which resulted in some terrific hockey entertainment with some of the best young players in the state showcasing their talents.
As a result of a gruelling day at the office yesterday, there a number of players battling minor injuries and fatigue early in today’s action, but it is purely a sign of how much effort they put in yesterday.
Thankfully there is much more sunshine today, creating much better playing conditions for the Academies while also lifting their spirits to overcome their fatigue and continue to deliver excellent performances today.