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Netball match report: Hunter vs SSA

By Madeleine Lane

With a not so subtle rivalry between Southern Sports Academy and Hunter Academy of Sport netball teams, there is little doubt that tensions were running high during yesterday’s netball game. Both teams are full of talented and elite players, and ultimately Southern Sports Academy came out on top with a winning score of 24-12.

Despite playing five matches beforehand, both sides were full of energy and ready to jump in and win. Even the occasional injury wasn't enough to stop Southern Sports Academy's victory. One of the standout players from this team was Meg Collins, 16.
Collins was very proud of her team beating their rivals. "We knew they were tough competition but we felt we could beat them even with many young members in our 2013 squad,” she said.

Meg has been playing netball since the age of five. At age 12 she tried out for the Southern Sports Academy with the encouragement of her local coach. Meg was underage at the time. "Because I was so young I was really nervous but I was successful and have now been playing at the Academy for four years".

Meg is inspired by players Susan Pratley and Maria Tutaia. With achievements such as Coaches Player of the Season award (A grade), Barellan & District U17's rep netball, CCC touch football, and qualified CCC swim team, in 2013 alone, she has demonstrated skills across a wide range of disciplines and is well on her way to becoming one of Australia's newest elite sports people.

Thousands of athletes, staff and supporters have participated in the Club NSW Academy games every year since their start in 2005. The aim of these games is to exhibit and celebrate the wonderful talent of young athletes from across NSW. With stars like Meg showing such great sporting potential the sky's the limit!