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Battle on the greens: young bowlers compete at Clubs NSW Academy Games

By Broden Tadros

Some of the top young bowlers from across New South Wales took to the greens this weekend, representing their area at the 2014 Clubs NSW Academy Games.

Players from four regions, stretching as far as Dubbo, came to
Bomaderry Bowling Club. Players who have represented state and even
nationals played in less than ideal conditions to see which region would be

The sport of lawn bowls has traditionally attracted an older
demographic to the game. Now the sport is attracting a much younger
audience. Lauren Shaw, 16 was introduced to the game at ten years old
by family. The sport was seen as ideal to accommodate for her knee problems. Since starting the sport, she has noticed a large interest in lawn bowls from a younger audience. Lauren
says, "there are a lot of younger people playing the game and
people starting at young ages; you get to travel and meet new people.”

Lauren is now representing NSW with a
test against ACT just weeks away. The growing competition in the youth
leagues is shown by the skill of the young bowlers playing at the
Clubs NSW Academy Games. Asking Lauren about her best experience with
the sport she highlighted her first chance to represent NSW and a win
against a determined QLD team.

Even though this weekend’s competition might be drawing to a close, the sport of Lawn Bowls will continue to flourish and keep attracting youth.